Our Purposes

We are a people called by God to reach out and receive all persons, to help people relate to God through Jesus Christ, to equip people for ministry through the Holy Spirit, and to send people out to serve, all for the glory of God.

The Process for Carrying Out Our Mission
Our purpose is to make disciples of Jesus Christ by growing greater through evangelism, stronger through worship, more caring through fellowship, deeper in our walk with Jesus through education, alleviating suffering through missions, and more committed through stewardship.

Children and adults of all ages have many opportunities to learn the ways of integrating the Lord into daily life at Grace. Read more about the many Education Programs that Grace has to offer.

The mission of Bethel Missionary Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. One of the ways we do that is by growing greater through Evangelism. Following are some of the ministries that fall under this area.

The mission of the Fellowship Purpose Ministry Team is to encourage disciples to purposefully share, care and connect with our Grace brothers and sisters while becoming seekers of Christ’s Heart.

Missions, one of the seven purpose ministries of Bethel Missionary Church, are mandated to alleviate suffering. The Ministry team at Grace supports financially and with time and effort many local mission fields.

Stewardship is a key piece to Christian life. For Bethel’s, Stewardship involves four basic elements which are outlined for us in our membership vows. When we join the Bethel Missionary Church, we vow to support the church through our gifts, our prayers, our service, and our presence.

We assemble on Sundays to acknowledge and experience the presence of the Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit. Read more about the many opportunities in which you can celebrate the Lord with Grace.

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