Testimony of Pastor

PASTOR Titus K. Pirabakaran came to Christ in April 1989. He was born in a very strong (religious) hindu family. Due to the homeland’s situation he left Sri Lanka in 1984 to Italy. There, living alone as a Teenager of 18, his life changed completely. Soon he started to drink and smoke. At the end he even became addicted to drugs. At that time one of his sisters and his mother began to pray for him. (Even if you are crying and praying for your children please don’t give up hope and pray continuously. One day you will receive the answer from God). Do not give up on your prayers, just as the life of Pastor Titus that NOBODY could change, not even himself was transformed through strong faithful prayer, God will hear your prayers too!. In 1989 through their prayer Pastor Titus arrived safely in Germany. After 4 months of many arguments and discussions about Christianity, God touched him in April 1989. The touch of God was in a very different way. He saw a very bright light & could see God’s powerful hand. At that moment he was thrown back about 5-10 meters & he realised that all the things that he had done in his past were sins against God, this led him to repent that very moment. On that special day he decided to spend his life dedicated to Christ. Through God’s Grace he had the opportunity to minister for Christ. To tell the Good News to thousands of People! With God’s Grace he started with only a few members, God’s House named Bethel Missionary Church. Because of this vision from God the church is growing and Pastor Titus started preaching in many churches in different countries. The responsibility that God had given him led him to visit those suffering during the war in Sri Lanka in April 2009. There he helped the people he saw who had been affected by the war.

Because of God’s blessing, Pastor Titus is ministering & he has been blessed with a wonderful wife and two children. Now they are ministering together as a family to build the Kingdom of God.

May God also bless your life abundantly!

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