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Bethel Missionary Church was founded in Mitcham in October 2005. This church started with a small group of 20 members. The Bethel Missionary Church started only with the hope in God and is growing step by step with God’s Grace

Pastor Titus Pirabakaran received a vision from God through Genesis 17:2 “I will confirm my covenant between me and you and will greatly increase your numbers”. And also to listen & help those who are not able to move forward. Isaiah 61:1 “He has sent me to bind up the broken hearted”. God already started to fulfil this promise in Bethel Missionary Church.

God also gave us a big responsibility of helping those suffering in our nation, Sri Lanka. We are trying our best to help our nation. We help widows and orphans, not only in their physical needs but also in their spiritual life. We also try to help the churches as well. With the burden for soul winning our ministries concentrates to win souls for the kingdom of God. By God’s Grace we give baptism frequently.


The church also ministers under Sinhala people. By Gods Grace the Sinhala Service is growing.

With the vision to make every member a disciple of God we teach about discipleship on Thursdays in our church. This has really brought success to our church.

In ALL, the church is functioning with the WORD OF GOD. Through his WORD we receive deliverance, blessings, life changing experiences that many families can testify.



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Mitcham Parish Church
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